Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ides Of March:Is March 15th Bad Luck?

March 15th is a commemorable day because of an event that took place around 44 B.C on  Rome.Some people may not be aware of this but others associate this day with bad luck,misfortunes and superstitions.

The History of Ides Of March

Many years ago, Roman leader Julius Caesar was warned by an all-knowing, albeit anonymous, soothsayer.  
The wise man warned him he was in imminent danger and to “Beware the Ides of March,”
a day in the Roman calendar that marked the middle of the month.  
But Caesar did not heed the advice and was murdered by a group of conspirators on March 15, 44 B.C.
The “liberators,” comprised of both friend and foe alike, brutally stabbed Julius Caesar more than 20 times on the Ides of March. 
Caesar bled to death in the Roman Senate. 

Whether we like it or not,there are many twists on how some people believe or celebrate this day.
Some people see it as an unlucky day,maybe the same as Friday the 13th or what it may be.


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

CITE Technical School

CITE - A Technical School for the less previleged ones.
            But that does not mean it is not as good as a University or something,it has its own way of making the students a professional one,a successor of a new generation of assets in their own companies.
CITE is the only school that helps the students to become a disciplined citizen not only in school,but everywhere they go to.They help the students strenghten the moral aspect of their lives.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

CITE SEMINAR (02.11.2012)

Engr. Edgar Watin,former Vice President of PICE (Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers),Secretary of CCA (Cebu Contractors Association) and a member of Phoenix Suns,has been conducting seminars for 10 years.he does regular lecture on parents,particularly about parenting seminars.

Involved in a group of engineers,at the same time a successful businessman,Mr. Watin lives a wealthy and  successful life with his family,3 kids,eldest is 25 years of age and a teacher,and with her wife Mrs. Dita Watin,who recently celebrated her birthday on February 11,2012. In his seminar,he said with a laugh, "Actually,today is my wife`s birthday,so i have to make this seminar as short as possible so i can go home early and celebrate with her."

In my interview with him,i asked for some advice not only for me but for all of the students,on how to become as successful as he is and he gave me words of wisdom as he answered "work hard,maintain common sense and be updated with the new trends,for me,in my line of work,i have to be updated always,and kaizen,meaning continuing improvement involving everyone-managers and workers alike."
 Our engineer believes in doing work that can create wealth for him,and for others so we can all live clean,
too deep to be understood but is a meaningful line given by a successful man.